Global Operation

Foton has Established Over

70 Representative Offices, and Over 1,000 Overseas Distributors around the World

Foton has established over 70 representative offices, and over 1,000 overseas distributors around the world. Its products and services had extend to over 110 countries all over the world.

With sales and service networks across more than 110 countries, Foton Motor has set up national sales companies in nine countries such as Russia, Thailand, Australia and Brazil. It has established over 30 KD projects in over 20 countries, and mainly constructed local production bases in India, Thailand, Russia, etc. Resting on the integration of local industry chains, this company has so far conducted the local industry-based operation in Thailand, etc.

Foton Motor will rely on scientific and technological innovation to further develop itself under the global industry-based framework and conduct localized operations. Supported by technologies and operation experience of two joint ventures, namely, Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA) and Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd (BFCEC), Foton Motor will copy the globally leading automobile manufacturing and operation standard to other regions with its business. It will, when offering high value-added products and services to local users, serve as the forerunner of “intelligent manufacturing in China”, and the internationally leading automobile enterprise driven by technology.

Sales & Service Networks more than

110 Countries


representative offices


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