Vision & Philosophy

Since its foundation

Foton has aimed to create the highest business value

for its customers, produce reliable vehicles and promote the sustainable development of society by employing innovative and high-quality products and services.

The image of a diamond was chosen as Foton’s prototype logo because it signifies technology, quality, high value and permanence.

Foton’s ‘Brilliant Diamond’ is likened to a sparking diamond, symbolizing its commitment to technological innovation, human care and the beauty of harmony. It will sustainably create perfect and outstanding eternal value for the benefit of customers, society and humankind.

Aiming to become a world-class automobile enterprise


Aiming to become a world-class automobile enterprise with technology and quality leadership.


Committed to human-oriented science and technology to drive modern life.

Brand Value Compass

The Brand Value Compass comprehensively and thoroughly explains the brand positioning of Foton through internationally advanced brand value planning tools.

The center of the compass refers to the brand positioning of ‘High-Value Products at International Standards’. The four major fields of brand value (Innovative Technology, International Quality, Outstanding Value and Green & Environmental Friendliness) form an outer ring around the brand positioning. The brand value of each field has true support and rich contents, forming the outermost ring of the Brand Value Compass.

Technology Leading the Future